Wild Math is Making for Wild History

I know that this strike and politics stuff isn’t for everyone. Some folks just find it boring, others don’t like abstract stuff, and still more people would rather avoid bad news and focus on the good parts of life.

And I totally get that. It’s familiar. Because honestly? Blogging like this is kind of like teaching a giant Social Studies class. I won’t always get through to every person with every lesson, but that doesn’t mean that I won’t try. It just means that I have to continually approach the same content in different ways.

So, in today’s lesson, we’re going to talk movies – both the Hollywood and indie varieties. Because, recently, I’ve been feeling like Mel Gibson in Conspiracy Theory. And, for those of you who remember this not-too-awesome 90s flick, you’ll know that’s not a good thing.

Why? Well, Mel Gibson’s character is essentially completely nuts. He’s paranoid. He explains his world using crazy theories. He tries to convince others that he’s right and that they just can’t see it. He thinks that the government has plans that they aren’t sharing – plans that directly affect him.

But the craziest part? When it’s big – when it really matters – he’s right.

So, while I’ve been feeling a little like him lately, I have to remind myself that as insane as his ranting and raving sounded, he was speaking the truth. He was looking at details that others were ignoring, or didn’t think were important. He was questioning instead of accepting.

And even though this was a movie and none of his conspiracy theories had anything to do with education, it was exactly where my mind went this morning when I saw this video (open for viewing in a couple of minutes).

The short version of what this video demonstrates is this: the numbers that the Liberals and BCPSEA are using in their public relations war on teachers are false.

The numbers are inaccurate. They’re artificially inflated. They’re flat out wrong.

So, this leaves us with two possible explanations.

1. The people responsible for handling the province’s budgets and finances don’t know how to do math.

2. The Liberals and BCPSEA are deliberately using what they know to be false numbers in their attack ads.

Neither of these explanations is particularly comforting. But there’s little comfort in history lessons.

Social Studies is a subject steeped in discomfort. It’s about war and human rights violations and stuff that we (supposedly) don’t do anymore.

Except that we live Social Studies everyday. And right now, in BC, there’s some pretty wild history being made.

Click over to the indie video from above and see just how wild I’m talking.