Pitch Wars: Ashley D. MacKenzie

Welcome, mentors, blog stalkers, and internet robots alike!

I’m Ashley. Hi! *waves*

I suppose I should start off by saying that I’m not afraid of hard work. I mean, I teach high school French. To kids who are forced to take it. Resiliency and dedication? I’ve got that.

I also teach English, and actually majored in English Lit. So, I’ve read all the classics. British. Canadian. American. Slavic and French (in translation and not). But here’s a poorly kept secret: I didn’t like most of them.

Appreciate them? Sure. Respect them? Absolutely. But enjoy them?


Being forced to read books I had little interest in killed my love of reading for years – until I finally read Harry Potter. And became slightly obsessed with it. See?

Harry Potter Halloween copy

But fantasy isn’t even my preferred genre. I’m all about the contemporary YA. Stephanie Perkins, Emery Lord, Gayle Forman, Amy Spalding, Jandy Nelson – I could go on. And on. And on. I like characters who take risks – even make mistakes – and aren’t shamed for it. I like books that show that life is messy, but that mess isn’t always bad.

So, I read a lot of YA. A lot. The library is essentially my favourite place in the city.

Oh! There you have somewhat superfluous “U.” Yep, I’m Canadian. The manuscript I have entered in Pitch Wars is not Canadian, however. It’s set in Europe (largely Amsterdam) and Portland, Oregon. It’s also been Americanized in terms of spelling and, well, terms, thanks to the help of my lovely CPs.

I’ve entered Pitch Wars for a simple reason: I’ve polished my manuscript as well as I can. It’s been revised, re-written, and overhauled. I’m willing and able to do it all again, but I need a fresh set of eyes and a spin in the right direction if I’m to do that. Otherwise, I’ll start querying, which will be a whole new adventure.

So, want a bit more insight about the person behind this shiny contemporary YA? Let’s play Five Fun Facts about Ashley!

1. I love France, but can take or leave Paris. This is the France I adore:

St Malo

2. I’m pretty much obsessed with dogs. They’re my people. I’m lucky enough to share my home with this goof: facebook_1439657697771

3. I live in a socially and economically diverse neighbourhood that many shy away from, and I love it here.

4. My profile pictures are always somewhat out of date as I change my hair whenever I get bored. Platinum, black, red, streaked – I’ve done them all…in the last year.

5. Don’t let the professionally worded blog posts around here fool you – I’m well versed in sarcasm and obscenities. Watching hockey with me is a lesson in how to string together creatively phrased tirades.

VW hockey copy

In summary, I work hard and I’m normally kind of interesting to hang around.

So…want to go to war together?

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