2015 in Stories and Adventures

As I prepare to drink a vat of coffee so that I’m actually able to stay up past midnight, I’m (not surprisingly) reflecting on 2015. And I know I’ll never have another year like it.

I don’t mean that in the hyperbolic “It was so good/bad that nothing could ever compare” kind of way, either. I mean I will literally never have another year like this one. Routine was punted from the roof in 2015, and I jumped into the unknown behind it.

Luckily for me, I landed softly.

I just don’t like heights. So, you know, I’ve been running on something like adrenaline – or sheer force of will – for the last twelve months. But it’s been good. And what hasn’t been good? Well, it’s been an adventure. A story.

And I like stories.

Thing that will be unlikely to occur in any other year #1: Not having a place to call home for seven weeks

Buying a pre-construction condo in 2013 meant that we had to delicately balance selling our townhouse with the completion date for our condo. Very delicately. And none of the MacKenzie clan is especially graceful.

So, we moved out of our townhouse on January 29th.

The dog went to the boarder, and the hubs, a few boxes, a rolling suitcase, and I went to an Airbnb rental – a studio apartment that didn’t even get hockey channels, where we spent the next five nights like moving-drained zombies.

Then, we moved our boxes and suitcase to another Airbnb rental – the only dog-friendly rental with parking that I could find anywhere within commuting range for the both of us. Luckily it was lovely – and not in a super high-demand area. Because I’d originally booked it for two weeks. And we were there for over five.

We would have been there for longer if we hadn’t had a trip to Portland planned for months. So we stayed in another – you guessed it – Airbnb rental in Portland. Then we came back to another Airbnb suite in the suburbs.

Then, finally, on March 21st, we got the keys to our condo. That night, we slept on an air mattress. In our bedroom. In our home.

And it was brilliant.

Thing that will be unlikely to occur in any other year #2: Working my ass off in Pitch Wars

Pitch Wars is basically exquisite torture for writers, but what it meant to me was this: I finished writing my contemporary YA novel in August.

I re-wrote it in September.

I polished it in October.

And I started sending it to agents in November.

No, I don’t have an agent yet, and no I don’t know if this project will eventually land me one, but I’ve done good things with it.

This year, I moved from writing a book, to having written a book – one that’s actually, well, not bad.

But even if I can’t find an agent who’s looking for this particular book, at this specific time, PitchWars showed me that maybe – just maybe – I don’t suck at wording.

It was the first time I’ve been acknowledged for writing fiction, and well, that first lives strictly in 2015.

Thing that will be unlikely to occur in any other year #3: Counting on my friends for back-up

Sometimes, you need a little help from your friends. And mine delivered in a big way this year.

Just like they would have done last year, and will do next year.

But they make this list anyway. Because friendship is an adventure. It’s a story. And we’re constantly revising it.


So, farewell 2015. It’s been interesting.

But it’s time for this story’s sequel.