Randomness and Recall

There was a time that I would have just yelled in the dog’s ear, squatted down in a super attractive way, toweling mud off her paws. Years ago, I would have cursed the surprise pain in my knee – loudly, with all those words I can’t say here – and tried to shake it off under the drooling gaze of a hungry dog.

But that was before I applied for a totally ordinary receptionist job. And ended up working bilingual customer service at an orthopedics company.

Totally not the same job.

And the only reason the headhunter put me up for it was because I spoke French. And the only reason I got it was because I spoke French and – I’m guessing here – managed to come off as reasonably capable of learning new tricks.

I knew nothing about orthopedics. At all.

But I learned. And apparently I learned it well.

Three and a half years after giving my last lecture about proper brace hygiene, telling clients that no, an ACL brace isn’t the same as an OA knee brace, and helping to weigh the pros and cons of custom versus off-the-shelf braces, I dried my dog’s paws.

And I twinged my knee.

The first thought that ran through my head (after the cursing, of course) wasn’t “Ow, that really hurt,” but “Damn. I hope that’s not what an MCL sprain feels like.” My brain took off without a leash after that, thinking of all the possible soft tissue injuries that could occur in this particular area of my knee.

I haven’t touched orthopedics in years, but I’m apparently still touched by them. Yeah, even in the “touched” like crazy sort of way. Things I never thought I’d need to know got stuck in my brain, and they may have helped me out here.

Because I didn’t try to walk it off. Instead, I called the hubs for help.

And now he’s making dinner. Even though my knee seems to be doing okay.

All because I learned things I never thought I’d need to know, at a job I never applied for.

I think I win.