How You Can Help: With Ms. MacKenzie

“What can we do to help?”

I’ve been hearing this one a lot lately. People have shared information over social media. They’ve written letters to MLAs. They’ve hugged a teacher. And, now, they’re feeling helpless, like there’s nothing else they can do.

And, trust me, that’s a feeling I understand.

But there’s something major that you can do as British Columbians, whether you’re a parent, student, or childfree taxpayer: go to your local school next week when the teachers are on the line. Picket with them. Make your own sign. Show your support to every car that passes.

But, more importantly, stand in solidarity with the individuals who make up that big faceless group known as “the teachers.” We’re people, too. Talk to us. Ask us questions. Learn more about the issues.

Your presence would show us that there are people in our communities who support the future that we’re trying to provide for our Province, and who want to educate themselves about what’s going.

Public support is massive; visible public support is even better.

Of course, I realize that this is all going down on a weekday, when many 9-5ers will be at work. But never fear! We’ll be picketing from 6am-6pm. And I’d bet that there’s a school in the vicinity of where you work as well. The options are there, should you choose to use one of them.

So, make note of whichever day your school district is striking. Because you can still help. Visit us on the line. Walk with us.

Show the public that you support the rule of law, the future of our province, and the right to a quality public education.